The travel teams at Music City All Stars Dance are for the dancer that wants to take dance to another level and experience competitions. They require diligence, hard work, and devotion to each team. We have a variety of teams of different ages. Each age group has a different requirement. Our competitive teams experience a variety of styles of classes each week and focus both on growth as dancers but as children as well. 



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Tiny Select

Tiny Select is created for our youngest competitive dancer. Dancers should range between 4-6 years old and able to focus and follow directions in class. Dancers for this team are selected by the instructor and do not require a tryout. Should you dancer be interested in this team please see your child's teacher or contact our office manager to set up a private evaluation.


Pee Wee

Pee Wee team is created for dancers ages 6-8 years old. These dancers will take class twice a week and should have former dance lessons. Dancers interested in our Pee Wee team should register for our June summer intensive and tryouts are required. 

Mini Travel

 Our Mini team is comprised of dancers ages 7-9 years old. Typically these dancers are between 2nd-4th graders. 


Youth Travel

 Our Youth team is made up of dancers ages 10-12 years old. Typically these dancers are between 5th-7th grade.


Junior Travel

Our junior team is made up of dedicated dancers ranging ages 13-15 years old.  

Senior Travel

 Our Senior Team is our most elite team at Music City All Stars. Dancers range from 10th-12th grade and train weekly in all styles and forms of dance. 

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